Water, Structures and Environment
Stepped up our activities into the site investigations sector. Evolved to become a partner/ sub-consultant of choice for major engineering firms in Kenya.
Water, Structures and Environment
Due to expanding complexity of infrastructure got increasingly involved in environmental services. Incoporated ground water surveys, site investigations, environmental studies.
Water, Structures and Environment
Transforms into limited entity GEORAMA ES to reflect expanding range of services. Working towards position as the first-choice engineering support services provider.

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Located in the heart of Karen, a traditional suburb of Nairobi on 50 Acres surrounded by 5 Acres of landscaped lakefront, breath-taking water features, and walking/cycle paths. It offers a variety of both local and international shops, restaurants and cafes in an easy to navigate an environment with ample parking and accessibility for all.

Fuel Terminal Monitoring Wells

Installation of Fuel Depot Monitoring Wells

The Energy Regulatory Commissions requires by law that all bulk petroleum terminals must have monitoring wells for both groundwater and gas. This is important to alert of any leakage before spreading too far and to monitor contamination in the event of accidental spills.


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Our engagement with you goes beyond the project completion for us. We see it as the beginning of a long-term partnership where you will access lots of free organic advice
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As part of Atkin’s Quality Management systems, we are required to do a periodic evaluation of our service providers. Having reviewed the various projects where you have been involved…..we are glad to inform you that your performance has met our expectations, We have found you to be cooperative and flexible…willing to mobilize at short notice. We are pleased with the relationship we have developed with you and look forward to continuing working with you in future opportunities

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Remote water location
Remote water location

 We occasionally get requests from supervising geologists, drillers or clients on active drill sites to assist in locating a new site because a site has turned out dry, and would we locate another before the rig demobilises? In such cases, we request for a snapshot of the previous survey data, GPS location of current drill site and extent of area…

East Africa’s deepest hand-dug well?
East Africa’s deepest hand-dug well?

What’s the record for the deepest hand dug well you’ve heard of or seen? 20 feet? 50? 150? Digging wells by hand is a dangerous job, especially in loose material. It is less dangerous when the well is dug in consolidated material or rock. The typical hand dug well in East Africa is usually 25 to 45 feet deep. Occasionally…