Oil Spill Management

Trench cut revealing shallow groundwater and PMS mixture. We guide in the location of such recovery trenches for temporary pump-and-treat as an emergency measure before the full site remediation program kicks in

Fuel Terminal Wells

Staff completing monitoring well installation at VVTI bulk fuel handling, Kipevu. The installation is meant to monitor any undetected leakage from the tank farm in which the Automotive Gas Oil (AGO) is stored

EISIA for Oil Companies

Staff collecting water samples for baseline environmental assessment in Lokichar town. This was intended to establish the baseline groundwater conditions before commencement of downstream oil production activities in the Lokichar wellfields.

groundwater Surveys

Georama is equipped with modern technologies for groundwater exploration; what’s more, we just don’t rely on technology alone. We have a deep understanding of groundwater – and where to look for it.


Atkins Global

As part of Atkin’s Quality Management systems, we are required to do a periodic evaluation of our service providers. Having reviewed the various projects where you have been involved…..we are glad to inform you that your performance has met our expectations, We have found you to be cooperative and flexible…willing to mobilize at short notice. We are pleased with the relationship we have developed with you and look forward to continuing working with you in future opportunities

Atkins Global