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About Us

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The company boasts a group of professionals having relevant experience and wide exposure in Applied Geosciences

About Us
  1. Who we are

We are a consultancy firm specialized in providing engineering support services in both surface and ground water resources assessment, through site investigations, groundwater assessment, environmental services and utility location.

We boast of wide-range experience, gamered from working in multi-disciplinary environments in design and construction of boreholes, dams, tunnels, roads, rails, water supply projects, specialized groundwater pollution surveys etc. The firm is keen on providing affordable service support to structural engineering companies and architectural firms in a field that stands on the critical path of successful project design and implementation. The firm has a team that thinks outside the box and can be relied upon for projects that require creativity in their implementation. This often leads to cost saving for the client while getting the desired results.

  1. What We do 


We specialize in both surface and groundwater resources assessment. This is an important basic step in water supply security because it ensures our clients have a good understanding of the amount of water that is available for their use and how they can put it to use in accordance with the Water Resources Management Rules (Water Act, 2016).

This is important for Real Estate, Industrial, Property and Agricultural investors who want to ensure the premium value of their investment is not diluted by inadequate reliable water supply down the line.

Water supply design engineers rely on the data we provide to make important design decisions with regard to the type of resource and quantities available, options for sourcing and water treatment.


All engineered structures that are founded on the ground must be designed in response to ground conditions at the site and how these impact on the intended future functioning of the structures.

We specialize in providing structural design engineers with site data that ensures the right parameter input into the design calculations. In this respect, we conduct site engineering geological work, including  mapping, in situ geotechnical investigations, site material sampling rock , soil and construction material for laboratory testing,

The proper functioning of engineered infrastructure including effluent soak aways, roads, railways and runways is affected by drainage. We provide data on flow regimes of rivers, seasonal changes in groundwater levels for adequate design of drainage structures and for construction site dewatering programmes.


Our Mission is to use Applied Geoscience for engineering solutions to everyday life problems in a way that advances humanity while preserving nature.


Our Vision is to achieve 100% customer satisfaction by delivering services at an affordable cost.

Our forward vision is to push the boundaries of Applied Geoscience and make ourselves the go-to entity for anyone seeking geoscientific solutions to engineering and developmental pursuits.


Our keys for service delivery:

  1. Desire for excellence
  2. Trust and confidence
  3. Innovation
  4. Creativity
  5. Teamwork

We believe in

  1. Professionalism and ethics
  2. Adding value to our client needs
  3. Respect for disciplines
  4. Positive thinking



Water, Structures and Environment
Stepped up our activities into the site investigations sector. Evolved to become a partner/ sub-consultant of choice for major engineering firms in Kenya.
Water, Structures and Environment
Due to expanding complexity of infrastructure got increasingly involved in environmental services. Incoporated ground water surveys, site investigations, environmental studies.
Water, Structures and Environment
Transforms into limited entity GEORAMA ES to reflect expanding range of services. Working towards position as the first-choice engineering support services provider.


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