The Ramogi Institute of Advanced Technology is a premier college situated on the hills overlooking Kisumu City, Kenya. The college’s expansion was curtailed for a long time by inadequate water supply. The director at Georama was called in to deliver a successful borehole for the institution.

To put the difficulty of the task into perspective, the college stands at 1384m above sea level and the flat lands in the piedmont below are at 1160m above sea level. That is 220 metres elevation difference. Worse, the area has granitoid rocks with a thin veneer of Nyanzian volcanics. The team managed to site a successful borehole, discharging 4000 litres per hour for a drilled depth of 140 metres only in at an area with several dry boreholes drilled to over 250 metres.

The team saw there was only one spot in the institution that could deliver, and we went for it!

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