The David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust is a leader in elephant conservation and goes on its way to give the best care to orphaned animals. In its quest to provide water for young elephants at the Ithumba Stockade, DSWT drilled a number of boreholes at various localities and all were dry, except one that yielded very limited amounts of brackish water.

This forced the sanctuary to truck in water from River Athi, 27 kilometres one way. Georama professionals were contacted to try to improve the situation and find water nearby. At a distance 2.5 kilometres from the sanctuary they located arguably the best Mozambican Basement aquifer borehole struck in Kenya – doing 52 cubic meters per hour.

Well, most Basement aquifer yields are in the range 3-5 cubic meters per hour.  On the flip side, the water was too brackish and the sensitive elephants never liked it having been used to river water!

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