Brief info

Dan Odero holds a Bachelor’s degree in Geology and a Master’s degree in Hydrogeologywith emphasis on Applied Geosciences, which includes Engineering Geology andEnvironmental Geology.He has over 30 years experience in the water sector, 25 of them in project management.As a water expert, he has worked extensively in groundwater exploration and exploitationin East Africa, The Horn, Central and Southern Africa in all types of groundwaterenvironments.

His work experience covers government service, corporate engineering
consultancy and the humanitarian (NGO) sector. Consequently, he has gained the hard
and soft skills required in water resources development, making him well rounded in the
sector and is equally at home with water sector policy, infrastructure development or water
service provision.
He is a specialist in water resources assessment, skills that have proved useful repeatedly
for investors who want to be assured of water security for their long-term investments.
These could be investments in real estate, agriculture, aquaculture, and industry or water
service provision.
Among his achievements are the confirmation of the Lotikipi Aquifer, when he did ground
surveys to establish exploratory drilling points that led to the discovery of the aquifer
following studies by Radar Technologies International. He has been instrumental in the
delineation and re-classification of all of Kenya’s aquifers and realising the national
groundwater-monitoring network. He found a unique way of locating high yield boreholes
in the north Mount Kenya area by observing damaged road sections and relating these
with locations in the adjacent lands. Dan takes pride in being the problem-solver and has a
knack for cracking the groundwater code when most needed.
He applies his environmental geological skills in various projects, including oil spill
management; vibration and blast monitoring for construction sites and quarries, treated
effluent management and landfill design. This has seen him involved in most of the major
oil spills and landfill projects in the country to date.
Dan is trained in several soft skills, including Monitoring and Evaluation, Project
Management Professional and Technical Report Writing.