Water Supply

Water supply
Whenever you are dealing with public water supply schemes based on groundwater sources, talk to
us. There is often a disconnect between the resources side and the infrastructure side in engineering
design when it comes to groundwater supply. Consequently, the landscape is dotted with many
failed projects where infrastructure was provided before the water resource was secured. Our
approach is pragmatic. In a typical project, we make a very fair assessment of the true potential of
the water resource, its location and the number and type of borehole intakes required to deliver it.
We look at the likely quality and what treatment measures have to be considered by the design
team. This is even before the actual site location or drilling is done; usually our projected output and
the actual tally within error limits. This approach has enabled many projects to be completed
without the water supply dilemma that accompanies projects that are commissioned when the
water supply is not yet assured.
No wonder we have been involved in many city water supply projects including Nairobi, Mombasa
and Arusha. Private developers of big communities also relied on us – Tilisi City, Albizzia Downs, the
St Mary’s Group of Hospitals, Nairobi Gate Industrial Park, Naivasha Industrial Park among others.

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