Fuel Terminal Wells

Fuel Terminal Wells

Installation of Fuel Depot Monitoring Wells

The Energy Regulatory Commissions requires by law that all bulk petroleum terminals must have monitoring wells for both groundwater and gas. This is important to alert of any leakage before spreading too far and to monitor contamination in the event of accidental spills.

Georama’s professional skills have been applied to install a number of monitoring wells at fuel sites. Georama is a believer in environmental best practice and encourages all bulk fuel storage stations to install monitoring wells as required by law. We will be happy to assist with information in case in doubt.

If your facility has no monitoring well, it is only a matter of time before the law takes you to task. Our experience with clients who have been managing crises caused by suspected contamination from their stations found in neighbouring properties shows that these could be minimised by early detection if monitoring wells were installed.

Previous installations:

We have either directly installed or provided expertise for installation of monitoring wells at:

  • Shell Kirinyaga Road;
  • Total Mombasa Road;
  • Total Kisii Station;
  • Iberafrica Power Plant;
  • VTTI Kenya Limited bulk fuel storage;
  • Shell Vivo Lubricants production facility Shimanzi
  • Shell Terminal Shimanzi
  • Total Sotik
  • Total Muchatha


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