Oil Spill Management

Georama is the leading oil spill mapping outfit in the region. The company has developed a unique program for oil spill site environmental impact investigations that include;

  • Mapping the extent of the spill;
  • Establishing the depth of the oil plume;
  • Establishing the lateral extent of the plume and its direction of movement;
  • Determining the rate of natural attenuation of hydrocarbons;
  • Determination of critical sampling points for soils and water;
  • Providing insight into the appropriate clean-up and soil treatment methods;
  • Planning for, drilling and installation of monitoring wells during cleanup and for post-cleanup observation;

Previous experience includes:

  • Makupa Causeway Rail Wagon Accident Spill (Kenya Railways)
  • Thange Pipeline Leak – Kenya Pipeline Corporation
  • KM25, KM 27, KM 32, KM 41, KM87, KM171, KM391, KM395, KM397 on Mombasa-Nairobi segment (Kemya Pipeline Corporation)
  • KM60 on Koru Line IV (Kenya Pipeline Corporation)
  • Several Gas Service Stations tank leaks

The company provided accurate information that led to effective clean-up planning and management. The company also oversees post0cleanup surveys to confirm status.


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