You have probably enjoyed the creamy macadamia nuts either purchased from a department store or provided as a snack on one of our Kenyan airlines. Those nuts need water to produce and process. Equatorial nuts had drilled 3 dry boreholes at their main farm and were desperate for water when they approached our team leader for a solution.

Following thorough surveys, we indicated that there was no viable groundwater within their farm, but would they care to request their neighbour to allow us survey his farm? We had seen from desk study that the neighbour’s thin strip of land lying across the road and measuring 20m by 45m had a good site for water.

To our surprise Equatorial Nuts bought the property before we conducted the survey! Sure enough, the site yielded a 14,000 litres-per-hour borehole right across their large acreage farm that had very poor potential.

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